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Cosifit is fundraising on JustGiving.com for Cancer Research UK.

Do please sponsor ‘Paul ChemoHeadScarves a Lock of Hair Campaign to help us raise money for this great cause by donating to our fundraising page on Just Giving.
It is a great cause and your involvement and donation will be gratefully received. 

My daughter Nicky has liver cancer and when she was undergoing chemotherapy she knew she was going to lose her hair, search but she did not realise the affect it would have on her and her family.  When Nicky’s eldest son was walking the dogs with Mamma he said, site “is Mummy going to lose all her hair?” He went onto to say that he loved the smell and feel of her hair (you could see him sometimes running his fingers through her hair) and with a heavy heart, I said, “yes”, but perhaps you could keep a lock of her hair until it grows back.  I shared this with Nicky’s hairdresser who came to help wash her hair. She placed a lock in a box and gave it to Harry who put it in a draw in his bedroom so each time he opened it he could feel and smell his Mum’s hair.  As the months passed, his mother’s hair grew back and when he was having a cuddle he could run his fingers through her hair again and snuggle his face into her too.  His comment was Oh! Mummy, you smell and feel as you used to. The hairdresser telephoned me and I told her, we both had a good cry.  I would like to ask as many people as possible who are losing their hair to do the same by photographing a lock of their hair and themselves and posting the pictures on Facebook and Twitter so others can share in such a personal experience.  Also, I would ask each person to donate £3 to Cancer Research so we can continue winning the fight against cancer. Sharing such a personal part of you with others is so uplifting and rewarding to us all. Thank you.

Go to www.justgiving.com it is as easy as that. Don’t forget to post a photo of yourself and a lock of your hair. Ask friends and family to do the same.


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