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The Institute of Gustave-Roussy (IGR) is the leading European Cancer Centre where there are 2, viagra usa 500 men and women whose mission is to treat patients suffering from cancer.

The Centre conducts research and development into new therapies, no rx and its aim is to pass on the knowledge and know-how to medical and scientific communities in France and around the world.

The Institutes’ global approach to patients and their families are only made possible by human expertise coupled with material resources focusing solely on oncology.

In partnership with the University de Paris XI, an exceptional school of oncology gives over 5,000 course hours a year. Over the past five years more than 500 doctors and researchers from 50 different countries have been trained at IGR. Doctors, researchers, surgeons, biologists, radiologists and oncological therapists put their experience and theoretical knowledge at the disposal of students in all fields, medical or paramedical at all levels.

The IGR’s vocation is to provide the very highest level of expertise available and to provide patients access to the most appropriate treatment.

Objectives of The Institute of Gustave-Roussy

  • To offer effective human and technical solutions to those suffering from or predisposed to cancer, using new preventive, predictive and curative drugs, developing support care and new support services.
  • To be better informed than in the past. Patients no longer submit to the hospital’s requirements but are increasingly treated like partners, anxious to take an “informed” part in therapeutic decisions to ensure that all aspects of their illness are taken into account, also taking care to ensure that their rights are respected.

At the Institute our daughter, Nicky has undergone pioneering cancer treatment to control and eradicate tumours found in and on her liver. The last operation earlier in 2012 involved a revolutionary treatment, Radio Frequency where they insert a probe into the centre of the tumour and burn it from the centre outwards. It is an extremely precise and scientific treatment and the benefits to the patient are that it is far less evasive to the body than traditional surgery and recovery times are greatly reduced. For Nicky, the results have been truly amazing.

Cosifit makes a donation to Gustave Roussy with every purchase

We pledge to make a donation to Gustave Roussy Cancer Research Programme every time Cosifit cancer headwear is purchased. Thank you for buying our chemotheraphy headwear and we certainly hope it helps to boost your confidence to live life to the full.

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